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HN Summarized

What is going on here?

This page pulls the 'good' stories from Hacker News and provides a short summary of the linked articles. We say that any article that meets the following criteria is a good story:

  • The story has a score > 100
  • The story title contrains the word 'haskell'. Note, we only look at 'Top Stories', not 'New Stories'. This means we are not showing every submission about haskell, they must have at least a few votes first.

How are the summaries performed?

The algorithm used to provide the text summaries and keywords is the TextRank algorithm outlined in the paper TextRank : Bringing Order into Texts by Rada Mihalcea and Paul Tarau.

Is the code available?

Yes the entire source code is available on my github page, released under AGPL V3.